Last updated on Jun 15, 2022.

HCAI CORPORATION , a limited liability company, registered with Employer Identification Number (EIN): 862312227, 3905 PRENTICE LN*AUSTIN*TX*78746, offers a technological platform for through which it is possible to recruit candidates for Jobs vacancies, by bringing employees and employers together, according to the profile of the candidates and the vacancies available ("Services").

The services are provided through the websites y, from an Android application called "LEVEE", a digital plataform called "LEVEE Workforce Solutions", or even via SMS, e-mail, among other communication channels.

This privacy policy, together with the , establish the terms and conditions applicable to the Services provided by HCAI to You, User.

HCAI recognizes the importance of the security and privacy of the information made available on the Website, the App or e / in the Communication Channels, as well as the concern of Users regarding the use of their data, whether personal or not. For this reason, we created this Privacy Policy, aiming to ensure total transparency in HCAI's relationship with Users.

It is very important that You read and understand these rules, as well as other rules that may apply, including those arising from Law No. 8,078 / 1990 ("Consumer Protection Code") and Law No. 12,965 / 2014 ("Marco Civil from Internet").

This Privacy Policy aims to clarify how HCAI will collect and treat Users' information, and it is certain that, always seeking to improve and make the rules clearer and more precise, HCAI may change this Privacy Policy at any time. The User will be previously informed if this happens. If the User does not agree with any changes made, we recommend that he discontinue using the Services. If you do not interrupt the use of the Services, this Privacy Policy will be deemed to be accepted.

The latest version will Always be available on the Website at the link: or on the App on Google Play on the link: We emphasize that any changes will be applicable to our Services provided to the User from the moment they are available on the Website/App.

Anyone who uses our Services, which includes a simple visit to the Website/App, as well as contact through the Communication Channels, assumes and expressly agrees with our Privacy Policy.

1. Collected Information

The information collected is as follows:

(a) Personal information.

i. When registering on the Website and / or the App, we may collect directly from the User his name, e-mail, address, contact phone number, CNPJ / MF or CPF / MF, professional history and other information that may be required for the provision of User Services;

ii. Personal information may also be collected by other sources, such as partner companies, public databases made available by the various spheres of government, social networks and public areas of other websites.

(b) Non-Personal Information. During your visit on the Website, when accessing the App and/or the Communication Channels, the Internet Protocol (IP), location, type of browser, pages and services accessed and/or requested and information about your session may be automatically collected.

We may cross-check Personal Information with Non-Personal Information. In this case, Non-Personal Information that is related to your Personal Information will be treated as Personal Information, for the purposes of this Privacy Policy.

Cuando nuestras tecnologías nos permitan identificar a un Usuario en particular a través del análisis aislado e independiente de la información o los datos, dicha información o datos serán considerados, a los efectos de esta Política de Privacidad, una Información Personal.Whenever our technologies allow us to identify a particular User by means of isolated and independent analysis of information or data, such information or data will be considered, for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, Personal Information.

2. Information Collection Method

The information that is passed to HCAI will be collected through ethical and legal means, and may have one or more purposes, about which Users will be previously and expressly informed.

HCAI collects personal information when the User registers and registers on the Website and / or the App, when the User participates in promotions, when the User accesses the Website and / or the App, when the contact is made through the Communication Channels, as well as through Cookies, subject to the provisions of Item 5 below.

HCAI may also combine information from Users obtained under the terms above with information obtained from commercial partners, other companies, the government, social networks or public areas on other websites.

3. Use of Information

All information collected by HCAI serves to enable us to provide increasingly better Services to Users.

HCAI may use this Information (personal or not) especially for:

(a) Respond to Users’ requests regarding the Services made available;

(b) Improve the Services provided by HCAI;

(c) Allow the use of certain features of the Website and/or the App;

(d) Customize contec and advertising available on the Website and/or the App;

(e) Communicate with Users;

(f) Guide research;

(g) Confirm and/or verify the information provided to us;

(h) Generate non-identifiable reports for HCAI's internal and external customers;

(i) Asegurar que el Sitio Web, la aplicación y los Canales de Comunicación sean siempre útiles para el Usuario, que pueden incluir la personalización y sugerencia de contenidos, productos o servicios; Y(i) Ensuring that the Website, the App and the Communication Channels remain always useful for the User, which may include personalization and suggestion of content, products or services; and,

(j) Protect the security and integrity of our database;

(k) Conduct mathematical probability analyzes about the suitability of registered Users to receive opportunities or offers, and such results will be the sole and exclusive property of HCAI, and may be shared with HCAI's internal and external customers.

4. Information Sharing

The viability of certain Services provided by HCAI only occurs by sharing some of the information made available by Users to third parties, which we do responsibly and following strict parameters.

Below, we cite the cases in which information sharing is necessary:

(a) Disclosure of the Candidate and/or Vacancies: In order for Users to apply for vacancies and/or publicize them, we will have to disclose some of the information made available by the User to the companies responsible for recruiting the candidates or to the other Users, as required the case;

(b) Technology Suppliers: HCAI may share information from Users with technology service providers for monitoring navigation and data visualization, among other services, to the extent that sharing is necessary for the provision of the Services;

(c) Online Security Companies: HCAI may share information from Users with the companies responsible for the anti-fraud control of the Website, App and Communication Channels in order to offer all Users an environment with the highest security standards available in the market.

HCAI does not share User Information with other people and / or companies or uses it for purposes other than those for which it was collected, except in the circumstances mentioned below:

(a) Upon express authorization from the User;

(b) To comply with court orders, under the terms of the legislation in force; and,

(c) For the purpose of investigating, preventing or adopting measures related to illegal, suspicious activities or involving possible threats to the physical security of any person, for violation of the conditions of use of the Website by the User or by procedures specified and authorized by law.

Generic and aggregated information, however, may be provided to business partners. Such sharing includes generating and disseminating statistics on social networks, in the media or with business partners. This may include data and demographic trends from personal and non-personal information of Users and companies registered in HCAI's database.

Whenever HCAI provides information to business partners, they must have confidentiality agreements linked to HCAI, and their adaptation to HCAI's privacy standards will be required. These companies may use the data of the Users in order to assist in the communication established with the Users about preferences and offers, however, these companies will not be able to share said Information, as well as use them inappropriately.

If HCAI goes through a merger, spin-off, incorporation, acquisition of all of its quotas and / or transfer of corporate control, the information of Users maintained in its database may be transferred. In this case, the User will be informed in advance if his data becomes subject to a new privacy policy.

5. Cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on the User's computer to recognize and track their browsing, such as data on the most visited pages, the navigation script, the time spent on each page, etc. ("Cookies").

During the User's navigation on the Website, HCAI may record and access Cookies on the computer that the User is using. We use cookies from third-party partners such as Indeed, for measurement services, to better target advertising and for marketing purposes.

The use of Cookies makes it easier to fill out forms, monitor the progress of promotions and provide personalized services, by identifying the User and their browsing habits.

The User can avoid Cookies by changing the settings of his browser, and may even delete any existing Cookies. If the User does not know how to change his privacy settings, he can contact HCAI through our Call Center from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm using the phones +55 11 40635655 and +55 11 930425067, and e-mail

Notwithstanding the above, our recommendation is to keep saving linked cookies. In this way, it is possible to explore all the personalized navigation features offered on the Website.

6. Confidentiality

Access to User information, with the exception of data relevant to the selection of candidates by companies, upon receipt of offers by the User, is limited to HCAI's authorized employees, so that they can perform their duties and provide the services offered through the Website , being certain that said employees are obliged, by contract, to maintain the confidentiality of the information and not to use it improperly.

The User may, at any time, edit his Personal Information or cancel his account and interrupt the display of his resume to new companies.

HCAI undertakes not to send "spam", direct mail or messages of any kind without the User's prior and express consent, through any of the Communication Channels.

The User will always be free to decide whether to receive information or to cancel this receipt at any time. We are not responsible, however, for the traffic of confidential information through email channels.

7. Storage of Collected Information

After collecting the data and information mentioned in this Privacy Policy, we will store it under the strictest information security practices.

We will always use our best efforts to ensure that your information is always handled in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

Still, You should know that we are not responsible for any breach of security of our database that causes the disclosure or improper access of your User information. In such a case, no compensation from the Website will be due to You.

The User may, at any time, object to the use of their data, by requesting the deletion of their account by accessing their profile preferences and clicking on the button "Delete my account". By doing that, the personal data collected will be deleted with exception of the information strictly necessary to identify the candidate's participation in selection processes, as well as those that are useful for the protection of rights and the fulfillment of legal obligations.

You also have the right to request the deletion of your collected personal data. To do so, you can contact HCAI through our Call Center from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm using the phones +55 11 40635655 and +55 11 930425067, and e-mail In this case, the process of deleting your data will be carried out within 10 calendar days. We may also be required to withhold certain information in compliance with local law. After deletion, you may no longer be able to access or use our services.

8. Doubts or Suggestions

For any questions about our Privacy Policy, complaints and / or suggestions, please contact us through the Call Center from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm via phones +55 11 40635655 and +55 11 930425067,and e-mail